The Swarovski x Warner Bros. Collection

The Swarovski Warner Bros. Collection brings to life the legendary studio’s most famous characters through crystal mastery and craftsmanship. You’ll find your favorite super heroes such as Batman, and his iconic Batmobile, as well as Superman with his signature red cape. The stars of the golden age of animation are also part of the playful line-up: from Looney Tunes’ Sylvester, Tweety and Bugs Bunny to Tom and Jerry.

The Swarovski x Tom and Jerry Collection

Celebrate Tom & Jerry with these stunning figurines, capturing all the magic and fun of the original cat and mouse duo. Brought to shimmering life in colored crystal by Swarovski’s master craftspeople, they’re a brilliant gifting choice for all generations. 

The Swarovski x Superman Collection

Superman is the true embodiment of truth, justice and hope: the last son of Krypton and the world’s first super hero, a guiding light for all. For 2021, the iconic character is brought to life with exquisite crystals in vibrant shades of blue, yellow and red to depict his signature cape and logo. 

The Swarovski x Looney Tunes Collection

Looking for more of your favorite Looney Tunes characters made in sparkling crystal? Discover the Swarovski x Looney Tunes collection and its Tweety and Sylvester iconic duo. Known for their playful chase, these characters are considered one of the icons of the golden age of animation. A sparkling showcase of Swarovski mastery and craftsmanship, these crystal figurines are represented with authenticity and attention to detail. Cut in crystal in their signature colors, the Sylvester figurine is a bold combination of transparent, black and red crystal, while the iconic canary Tweety is sparkling and joyful in its renowned yellow. Perfect for gifting or self-purchase, this collection will evoke fun and carefree childhood memories in any Looney Tunes fan.

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